Two friends, a project

Marie-Christine Bertin de Vigneral

After around 20 years of experience in diverse and varied professional environments, I was looking for a new challenge.

I’ve always loved painting, particularly through the impressionist era. I started to discover Street Art through Keith Haring, an artist who used just as much colour as he did humour. His comic-book style is what truly ignited my love of Street Art.

This is how, one December evening, in the Porte de Clignancourt (Paris), we were in the Christmas Market at an artistic spot called the Recyclerie, that Nathalie had the idea of Street Art For You. Through Nathalie’s guidance, I learned a lot very quickly on Street Art locations around Paris, most notably the Aerosol, and I was hooked!

The idea of providing creative and personalized art consultancy motivates me. Together, Nathalie and I are a dynamic duo, each bringing different skills to our partnership. Together, we will help you share our passion.

Nathalie Husson Desmarest

I’ve always been fascinated by Street Art. At the very beginning of the 80s, in the United States, I discovered my first murals in New York City. I spent a lot of time in those years discovering different areas of the city, especially in Bowery.

At the time, most of the artists, but not all, were South American. I often passed by the works of Basquiat and Keith Haring, among others, on my walks.

Without even realizing it, I was standing in front of a new wave of emerging artists who would later become internationally recognized for their creativity and talent.

Upon coming back to France, I continued to love colourful and original art form which decorated our streets with dreams and poetry, and sometimes thoughtful social commentary.

In our digital world, I find it essential to preserve our liberty of expression, develop our shared spaces, be them big or small, throughout the world. In creating this project, I endeavoured to engage deeply in this universe, and share this passion with dear friend and associate, Marie.